Set up an Easter egg trail around the Mendips
Set up an Easter egg trail around the Mendips

Set up your own Easter egg hunt this weekend

For home grown fun over the Easter weekend set up an Easter trail.

Small children and preschoolers enjoy an Easter Egg hunt in the back garden.  This will keep them occupied whilst they find the eggs, then their little fingers take ages to open the foils.  Result! Declare a winner with the most eggs then suggest sharing their spoils so all is fair.

However, something more challenging is required if you have older children or teens.  A good brisk runaround for their eggs offsets all the sugar.  The teenagers moan about it at the start, but they enjoy it eventually. It’s up to you which way you go – set them clues to puzzle out, or a map to follow. You can set up a trail by tying brightly coloured ribbons on to fences or trees to show them which way to go.

Hide stickers, not chocolate, near the ribbons and they have to back with minimum six stickers, or six correct answers to the puzzle to show they’ve been to all the clue locations.  Only then do they get to learn the location of their egg.  Invite friends over (safety in numbers) so they can go out together without an adult.  They set off in small teams about ten minutes apart, then follow after them, to pick up the ribbons and collect any stragglers.

The more adventurous and tech-savvy can upgrade to geocaching.  There are plenty of geocaches in the Mendips and they are often clustered together along a path so you can make a nice walk out of it.  You just need to download the apps onto your- and their – phones and off they go!

Alternatively, if all this sounds a bit too much like hard work the National Trust have Easter Egg trails at Tyntesfield, Stourhead, Newark Park and Montacute – take a look at our What’s on page.


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