Count staff wait to verify count as ballot papers handed out
Count staff wait to verify count as ballot papers handed out

Referendum count begins in North Somerset

Sealed ballot boxes arrived at Hutton Moor Leisure centre, Weston-super-Mare after the referendum polling stations in North Somerset closed at 10pm on 23 June.

Voters have now decided whether to Remain or Leave in the European Union referendum.  Count Staff at Hutton Moor waited to verify the ballot papers then sort and count them.

Once all the votes have been counted, the North Somerset Counting Officer will relay the local total to the South West Regional Counting Officer who, if satisfied that they are accurate, will approve the figures, authorising the declaration of the local total.

The South West Counting Officer will then collate all the local results in their electoral region into a regional total and submit this to the Chief Counting Officer.  The Chief Counting Officer will collate the regional totals. Once all the 11 regional totals and the total for Northern Ireland have been received, approved and declared, the Chief Counting Officer will declare the referendum result.

The result in North Somerset may be declared from 6.30am, but may be as late as 9.30am which could be due to a high voter turnout.