Harry Bunce at work on his New York collection
Harry Bunce at work on his New York collection

Somerset artist Harry Bunce to exhibit in New York

A local artist from Wrington, North Somerset is to exhibit his work in New York.

Harry Bunce’s collection is being shown at New York’s Affordable Art fair on September 28.

His work has evolved over time from more traditional methods such as painting to his current graphic art collection, but it always has images drawn from nature.  Consistent themes are darkness or brutality set in unexpected contexts.  Harry has chosen a series of depictions of animals with weapons set against vibrant backgrounds such as the Stars and Stripes for the New York exhibition.

As a boy he was inspired by comics, and dreamt of head of Marvel comics, Stan Lee ‘discovering’ him and taking him to New York, “It’s very nice to finally get over there!he jokes.

Harry says: “I work with natural themes as I want my work to be accessible, people are drawn to rabbits etc. but they may be surprised to see what they are doing!”

The soft colours and cute depictions of squirrels and rabbits in Bunce’s collection belie the sometimes shocking inhumanity portrayed on the canvas and through this accepted societal norms are challenged in an accessible way.

Accessibility is important to Harry, and he says animals make his art more approachable.  Much of his work is available as prints which brings them within easier reach of more people.

Some of the screen prints are actually shot to produce real bullet holes in the paper, making each one totally unique.

Harry is constantly thinking of new ways of representing his themes, he is developing exciting new ways of showing his work and making it accessible for all, but in the meantime locals can catch his work at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair on September 9 – 11 September, at Clifton Fine Art, Bristol, or his website now.