Boats setting off to join the Bart's Bash race on Chew Valley Lake
Boats setting off to join the Bart's Bash race on Chew Valley Lake

Sailing Club raises £1000 at Chew Valley Lake

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club participated in Bart’s Bash on Sunday 18 September to raise money to encourage people who are disadvantaged to learn to sail.

Bart’s Bash is a global event with over 300 clubs taking part in sailing races in 58 countries.  Over 200 people took part at the Chew Club with 110 boats.

It’s a day the sailing community remembers Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, a double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the Americas cup in 2013.  It has become an annual fundraising and participation campaign promoted by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF).

On the day, the Club raised £968 for sailing for people with disabilities, and at one point had the most competitors out of all the 363 clubs and venues that participated globally.   Helen Martin, Vice-Commodore at the club explained that sailing is a sport everyone can enjoy.  People with disabilities can sail as boats can be adapted for their needs.

The morning started fine, without much wind but it did pick up enough for the boats to compete.

Helen went on to say:  “It was a difficult race, with challenging conditions but people enjoyed it and there was a good buzz.  Bart’s Bash is a big international celebration and we embrace getting more people sailing.”

Before the wind picked up on Chew Valley Lake
Before the wind picked up on Chew Valley Lake

With the decision being made to remove sailing from the Paralympics, the ASSF pledges to use the funds raised through Bart’s Bash in 2016 to help promote and develop disabled sailing globally.

The funds raised from the event will be distributed via national sailing federations or through the official ASSF grants process, with the aim to support grassroots disabled sailing projects and make disabled sailing more accessible.

Since being founded in 2014, the Foundation is providing the challenges of a sailing environment to promote health and wellbeing, and to develop personal skills that will improve a young person’s ability to succeed in life and work.

To donate to Chew Valley Sailing Club’s Bart’s bash fundraising visit