The long-awaited EU referendum is nearly upon us
The long-awaited EU referendum is nearly upon us

Register for ‘historic’ EU referendum before 7 June

The Electoral Commission, the independent organisation that promotes integrity and awareness of the UK’s democracy is encouraging people to register ahead of the referendum on Thursday 23 June.

The organisation has distributed a booklet to all households, the online version can be read here.

With the EU Referendum fast approaching, the Electoral Commission has sent the information booklet to 28 million households across the UK starting on Monday 16 May.  The TV campaign starts on Sunday.

The 8-page impartial booklet has been tested with the public and contains important information people have said will help them to participate, including:

  • Who can vote
  • How to register to vote and options for casting your vote
  • The question and an image of the ballot paper
  • A page each for the lead campaign organisations

The campaign is designed to ‘cut through’ the noise that everyone will be hearing about the EU referendum by creating eye-catching advertising ‘you can’t miss’. It is based on a successful campaign the Commission ran ahead of the Scottish referendum where by polling day 84% of people surveyed said they recognised the advertising.

The booklet reminds voters that if they are not already registered to vote then they must do this by the deadline of Tuesday 7 June. Around 7.5m million people in Great Britain aren’t registered to vote. A recent survey run by the Commission found that one fifth (20%) of survey respondents said they were either not registered to vote or we unsure if they are registered to vote in the referendum.

Alex Robertson, Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission said:

“This is an historic event and we don’t want anyone to miss out.  A lot of people won’t have voted in a referendum before or will be unsure what the question is.  Our booklet gives everyone the information they need.

“If you aren’t already registered to vote then make sure you do it by the 7 June deadline or you’ll miss out on the referendum. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes online Tens of thousands of people are doing it every day.”

The Commission is also advising voters to think about where they will be on polling day.

Anyone who is likely to be away on Thursday 23 June should consider applying for a postal or proxy (allowing someone you trust to vote on your behalf) vote.

Advertising will run until polling day and appear across TV, radio, video on demand services, billboards, digital and social media.

Ahead of the Scottish referendum (18 September 2014):

  • There was a huge surge in voter registrations with nearly 140,000 people successfully registered to vote in the final weeks
  • Over 11,000 applied to registered to vote after the deadline and missed out as a result
  • On polling day there were 4,283,938 people registered to vote, the largest ever electorate for a Scotland wide poll.

Ahead of the General Election (7 May 2015):

  • On the deadline day for registration (20 April) there were 469,000 applications to register to vote.
  • 23,000 people (21 April) applied the next day and missed out.