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Proposal to build over 80 new homes in Wrington

Redcliffe Homes are proposing to build up to 83 new homes at Cox’s Green, Wrington.

The developer’s website suggest a “scheme of up to 60 houses is currently being worked which will include newly created public open space with public access to the river”.   However, the request to the North Somerset Council shows Redcliffe are considering building up to 83 homes.

Lizzie Gibbs, Wrington resident said “I’m aware of the aware of the need for housing.  On the other hand this site sits outside of the village boundary accessed by foot on already perilous roads with no pavements, and through areas of road that frequently flood. The field itself is prone to flooding and becoming waterlogged.”

“Any resident moving into this potential development might not get a place for their child at Wrington Primary School.  Building 83 homes whose residents have no safe means of walking in and out of the village, whose children might not be able to attend the local school and whose gardens and houses may flood is ludicrous.”

Redcliffe Homes have submitted a ‘screening’ request to North Somerset Council to ask whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required when the developer submits a planning application to the Council in the summer.  ‘Screening’ determines whether a proposed project is likely to have significant effects on the environment and usually takes place at an early stage in the design of a project.

The screening request is available to view on the North Somerset council website