New art & craft space opens in Lower Langford

A new art and meeting space has opened in Lower Langford, in Wrington Vale.

Stefan and Cathy Marjoram have set up the Tanyard Studio, a beautifully restored barn on the edge of the village.  They plan to run art and craft classes there.

Cathy doing a felting demo
Cathy doing a felting demo

The couple celebrated with an opening day on Sunday 18 September, giving their guests tea and homemade cake.

The stunning garden at Tanyard
The stunning garden at Tanyard

The couple, both talented artists who used to work at Aardman have created an inspirational space.  Cathy plans to run felting, quilting, batik, and seasonal craft courses, and Stefan’s film making and drawing background has given him a wealth of expertise in offering photography and drawing classes.

Stefan said: “Cathy and I have spent most of our lives doing various creative things in the animation industry, and even though it’s our job to ‘do art’ we still carry on at home – because it’s huge fun! We’ve always really enjoyed passing on any skills we have – whether it’s encouraging someone to start drawing again after a break of many years, or helping a student on their way to a college or a career in the arts.”

“Most of our courses will be aimed at beginners, with Cathy doing mainly felt, batik and textiles and me doing drawing and photography. We’ve got a big list of other things from animation to DIY which we could do. I’m really keen that some of my regular drawing events should be affordable with a sense of fun.”

Occasionally they plan to open on Sunday mornings for ‘doodle breakfasts’, a chance to bring the family down for a relaxed coffee, snack and a doodle, picking up some top drawing tips from Stefan but in a fun, informal way.

For more information visit Tanyard Studio’s website.