Plumskey wins pole position in Turnip Prize 2016

‘Plumskey’ from Somerset has won this year’s Turnip Prize with his evocation of political theatre.  The artist beat 98 other entries to win the prestigious accolade of crap art.

The entries were curated in the New Inn, Wedmore on Monday 5 December and reflected recent tumultuous world events.

Plumskey AKA Mark Plummer, an IT contracter from Wedmore came from nowhere to sweep the board and claim his Turnip with ‘Pole-Dark’.  Although this is the first year Mark put his art forward, two of his entries made it in to the final.  Mark’s other entry was ‘Single European Meerkat’.  He explained that he was inspired by everyday objects around his home.  He found the pole in his garage, although he had to order the meerkat online.

'Intellectually rigorous'
‘Intellectually rigorous’

Mark said: “Fantastic.  Just pleased to get in to the final.  My inspiration came from big jugs of fine red wine and the odd pasty.”  Mark says he won’t enter again as it is difficult to see where he can go from here.

The judges included Founder of the Turnip Prize Trevor Prideaux and new judge Royston Weeksz who have collaborated on a retrospective book, the very worst of art over the years We Know it’s Crap, But is It Art?  Last year’s winner was there to hand the prize to Mark.

Royston Weeksz was able to explain why ‘Pole-Dark’ won the art world’s alternative prize.  He said of the 2016 entries and the winner: “A superlative year in terms of very crap art.  [It has been] a year of very dark polls, the American Election.  A worthy winner, highly political.  This is the future.”

The other finalists included ‘Bricksit’, ‘A pair of drawers’, ‘Obama Leaves’ and ‘Labour Party’.

The Turnip was awarded just before the results of the other art competition – the upstart Turner Prize – was revealed.  Helen Marten won London’s Turner Prize, beating a giant bottom to the prize.

"Beautifully crafted take on the world of IT" according to judge Royston
“Beautifully crafted take on the world of IT” according to judge Royston.  Steve, the artist explained that the bricks will come in useful when he needs to change his car tyres
Plumsky's other entry
European Single Meerkat – Plumsky’s other entry